Our Products

The Unimer Marine product line consistes of mooring compensators, rubber tensioners and the bilge pump, Drainman.

Mooring Compensators

Mooring compensators in EPDM rubber with high tensile strenght and exellent weather, ozone and salt water resistance.

Unimer Mooring Compensators of high quality black EPDM rubber. The solid black dockline is a double braid construction with a core in 12-strand braided HT Polyester and a soft and flexible braided cover of the same material. One end of the line has a spliced thimble in stainless steel and the other side whipping.

Drainman Bilge Pump

Tired of bailing out your boat? Do you live far from the docks and worry about your boat filling with water? Or are you forever struggling with marine covers in rain and rough weather?

The Swedish-made Drainman (Länsman) helps you solve these problems and lets you relax. Using the natural power of wind and waves and the tug they create on the mooring line, the Drainman automatically takes care of bilge pumping.

The Drainman can pump up to 660 US gallons of water per day! The Drainman is made from rugged materials with a tensile strength of up to 15,000 Newton. It is easy to install, handy to carry and lock in place. The Drainman saves both time and money, a small investment that makes a big difference.

Ecofriendly and efficient, around the clock.

Rubber Tensioners

Unimer offers a wide standard range of rubber tensioners for elastic fastening. 

Unimers rubber straps are of high quality and are developed specificly to meet the high demands of our customers. Our rubber straps are produced in a weather and ageing resistant EPDM-rubber that not misscolour and also in natural rubber, NR, with high elasticity. 

Most of the models can also be produced in black or white EPDM-rubber with the highest quality.