Drainman Bilge Pump

The Drainman bilge pump is powered by the tugs created on the mooring line from wind, surf and waves. All natural, with no electricity that can fail. 

Drainman has been on the market for a few years with great success. Now, we introduce the second generation, featuring a new design and upgraded materials for increased durability. The new neoprene cover protects the pump from sunlight and wear and tear. 

Drainman is handy to carry, easy to install and lock into place. It can be fitted to mooring lines fore, aft or on the side of your boat. You can even place it in between your boat and dinghy.

Item Length
Drainman 10 feet
Drainman extension hose 10 feet

Drainman is made with tough materials, and can withstand forces up to 15,000 Newton. The pump works around the clock and can pump up to 660 US gallons of water every twenty-four hours. Drainman is self-priming and has a suction height of up to 8,2 feet, and a suction length of up to 26 feets.

Water is pumped out through the hose placed in the lowest point of the boat. A small weight can be attached to, or simply placed upon, the eye-bolt at the intake to make sure the hose is positioned right. A sieve on the eye-bolt keeps dirt out of the hose, and is easy to clean. The hose is 10 feet long but can be extended to 20 feet, by using the Drainman extension hose, sold separately.