Installation guide - Drainman

Drainman is easy to carry and install.

1. The Drainman features two loops, one on either side. One loop is connected to a mooring line by means of a shackle or a snap-hook, the line is then attached to the mooring point, for instance on a jetty. Mooring springs should not be used. 

2. The loop on the other side is connected to the boat, using a shackle or a snap-hook, such that the Drainman is attached between the boat and the mooring point. Make sure that the hose and label are facing up when installing, and that the pump is kept above the surface of the water.

3. Place the sieve of the suction hose in the lowest point of the boat (the keelson), where it can easily drain the water. For increased stability, a weight may be placed at the end of the suction sieve loop.