Unimer Mooring Kit

A complete mooring kit with two pre-assembled Unimer Mooring Compensators with spliced thimble dock lines. All nicely packed in a durable drawstring bag.

We encourage dealers to create their own mooring kits, or to contact us for customisations. We work with high quality polyester mooring lines, both braided and three-stranded types.

For the U-Cleat, since it’s so easy to fit, no pre-assembly is needed. It can be bundled with straight mooring lines, or lines already spliced with eye-splices or thimbles in one or both ends. This gives you many options for customised retail packaging.

Unimer Mooring Compensators Dockline
2 compensators 12-16 mm 2 docklines, 14 mm in 5,0 m lengths
2 compensators 14-18 mm 2 docklines, 16 mm in 7,0 m lengths